Cora Bos-Kroese ~artistic director of C-scope projects since 2004 has created many projects mainly

on location involving dance and combining different art forms together.


Sabine Kupferberg // DANCE ~ 

Started her career in Stuttgart Ballet,

where she met Jiri kylian, who was

taking his first steps in his

choreographic career.Together they

went to Netherlands Dance Theatre in

1975. Not only did she dance in all the

Kylian works, but was working with

many other choreographers.


David Krugel // DANCE ~David

started out as a chord dancer and

trapeze artist. He then received a

scholarship to enter the Cape Town

Ballet School, After which he continued

his education in New York. After a

carrier at  the Béjart Ballet and the

Koninklijk Ballet van Flaanders. In 1998

David was asked to dance with NDT3


Aurélie Cayla // DANCE ~Aurélie Cayla followed her dance education at the Conservatorium for

Music en Dance in Lyon. From 1999-2002 she danced at the Aalto Ballet Theatre in Essen, Germany.

In 2002 Aurelie went to Netherlands Dance Theatre 2, after 3 years continued into

Netherlands Dance Theatre 1. She works as a freelance dancer.


Yvan Dubreuil // DANCE ~After his dans education in Paris, Yvan began his professional career as

dancer with the NDT in 1989 and he made his jump to the main company in 1991. In his 18 years with

the Netherlands Dance Theatre Yvan danced works from Jiri Kylian, Hans van Manen, Ohad Naharin,

William Forsythe, Mats Ek, Nacho Duato, Paul Lightfoot, Johan Inger and Saburo Teshigawara. Presently

Yvan is freelancer in dramaturgy/dance/coach.


Lindertje Mans // ACTRICE ~Lindertje

graduated in 2008 at the Theatre Academy in

Maastricht. As an actrice she collaborated with

companies such as : 'Orkater', 'het Zuidelijk

Toneel' and 'Theater EA'. Next to acting she also

sings. Now she is a key member of Firma Mes,

a bright new face to the theatre scene in Holland.


Marialuisa Capurso  // VOICE ~a mesmorizing

young italian singer with a warm timbre,

classically trained but found often

experimentating with all kinds of music and

artists. She lives and works in Berlin.


Raoul Boesten  // CONDUCTOR FOR CHOIR ~Raoul sang from a

young age with different choirs and ensembles. As conductor he has

experience with various choirs, and started up "the Octet" in which he

sang as tenor. He received conducting classes from Jos Vermunt.

In 2005 he initiated the choir 'Kamerkoor Kwintessens' in Den Haag.

This choir worked on the project AMOR are amateur but with the

passion and coherency of a semi-professional company.

'They give to the music'.


Geerten van de Wetering  // ORGAN ~studied organ and

improvisation with Jos van der Kooy at the Koninklijk

Conservatorium in Den Haag graduated in 2011. He then

studied churchmusic and choirdirection with Theo Goedhart.


Tom Visser // LIGHTDESIGN ~grew up in the country side

of west Ireland. Born into a theatrical family, at the age of

18 he started working in music theatre. Working for the

Netherlands Dance Theatre, he has created original designs

for choreographers including Alexander Ekman, Johan Inger,

Crystal Pite, Stijn Celis, Medhi Walerski, Lukas Timulak and

Joeri Dubbe.


Jookje Zweedijk // COSTUMES ~studied at the'

Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten'

(Royal Academy of the Arts) in Den Haag.

From 1995 she designed costumes for opera, dance, film

en theatre: Nationale Reisopera, De Appel, Cadance

Festival, Dogtroep, Annechien Koerselman, Zeelandia,

Korzo Producties, Peter Greenaway, Johan Doesburg,

Annemarie de Bruin, David Prins,

David Geyssen, Alba Theaterhuis and Joop van den Ende.