C-scope:: unique projects

around dance

C-scope creates projects

combining dance and multi-

disciplinary artists using

diverse locations. C-scope has

an openness, raw energy and

aims for a high quality, using

its large network of dancers,

musicians, actors, and

diverse artists from around

the world. Challenging these

artists, using a platform to

explore beyond their usual



C-scope is an initiative of Cora Bos-Kroese, creating projects combining

dance and multi-disciplinary artists on diverse locations and theatres.

C-scope has an openness, raw energy and aims for a high quality around


using its large network of dancers, musicians, artists from around the world.
















Artistic views::

creating a cultural meeting place for both artists and audience

bringing together  professionals, national, international artists, students,

semi-professional artists

for inter-disciplinary performances always changing the combinations.

providing a new structure in which the artists can expand their views and present this.

discover and stimulate young talent by integrating them with experienced artists to

this exposure

can help them develop and learn.(education)


Every project has a unique combination of artists, theme and space.

A sense of diversity, playfulness  and research gives C-scope open ground for both artist and

audience to experience something new. C-scope combines different levels from amateurs to

professionals for interesting crossovers, also giving young talented artists the opportunity for


With these raw and pure combinations C-scope aims for unique events.


Cora-Bos Kroese (ex-NDT/Ballet Frankfurt) is artistic director of these projects and works in close

collaboration with the artists, allowing their strengths and vision to inspire her.

Together with her husband Joris-Jan Bos (photographer / soundscape artist) they seek new

adventures with an edge.